Providing efficient design and drafting services for precasters

Experience25 years combined experience working for precast fabricators, including Wells Concrete, Hanson Structural Precast and Roman Stone
ProjectsUnited Health Group Data Center
Dock Street Apartments
Uline Distribution Center
Benedictine Skyway
Design toolsAutoCAD, Visual Analysis, MathCAD, Risa3D, Concise, LECWall
RegistrationsMinnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, New York, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Nebraska (pending), South Dakota (pending) | 612 405 3142 | Company Resume

Services we Provide

Precast Engineering

Precast engineering is our main area of expertise. PDS has a combined experience of over 25 years designing precast across the country. Our focus is to keep the plant and field running smoothly by providing easy to read construction and fabrication documents. Having worked for multiple plants we know the importance of utilizing your standards and to look out for limitations in different lifting and handling configurations. We make it our goal to provide quick responses to plant and field issues in order to minimize and additional costs due to delays.


Clear and concise drawings are key to successful fabrication and construction of projects. PDS strives to meet this goal by independently checking all drawings for engineering and architectural conformance.


Having trouble with your existing precast structure? From cracks in your residential garage floor to bowing spandrels, we can analyze your structure and provide a course of action.

Value Engineering

We provide assistance to Owners, Architects, Engineers and Contractors during the preliminary design of structures as well as in the conversion of projects designed as other building materials into precast.

Building Types

Parking Ramps
Insulated and Solid Wall Panel
Hollow Core Podium (Underground Parking)
Beam, Column, and Hollow Core
Theaters with Proscenium Beams

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